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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Upcycled Bird Feeders

Last month Iain, our Senior Tutor, sent an e-mail around explaining an idea of trying to build more bird feeders around the centre to make it more habitable for birds, and in the process helping us all with our Spring Index 'Signs of Spring' challenge (as mentioned on my previous blog)! Furthermore in my spare time recently, after a little bit of Internet searching for easy to make bird feeder designs, I made a bird feeder of my own. All I needed was an empty water bottle (that I had had in my bag during the day) and two old spoons from the centre's kitchen that weren't needed anymore. After cutting 4 holes in the bottle for the two spoons to run through at an angle, I used some wire for the bottle to hang by (string would have worked fine too). With the bird feed inside the bottle, due to the angle of the spoons and a big enough opening by the spoons, the bird feed can fall steadily onto the spoons. There is plenty of space for birds to sit and feast! Personally I am not at all practical, so anyone of all ages could have a go at making bird feeders like this, so why not try for yourself at home (or at work!) when you have a bit of spare time? 

To make your own quick and easy bird feeder click here

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